Glowing, silky skin! With these 4 tips

Feel your best in your soft, beautiful skin.

Exfoliate, extract trapped hair, moisturize and protect.:

  1. Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate!.

    The key to having healthy, smooth skin is simple. Our bodies just want a good cleaning and proper moisturizing. There are thousands of beauty products on the market that are filled with chemicals and additives. The best body wash I have found is Dr. Bronner’s castile soap. It is made with essential oils, coconut oil, and pure ingredients. Applied with a washcloth or coarse loofah it suds up nicely and gives off a clean, refreshing scent. Remember the areas where hair tends to get more trapped; lower legs, knees, back, brazilian/ bikini areas and our underarms. Make sure you scrub your body well and give your hair some help to break through the skin.

  2. Properly Moisturize.

    Our bodies are made up of mostly water, so our skin gets thirsty fast! Especially in the drier, hotter months of the year. Shea butter is a main ingredient in so many amazing body lotions- so I’ve taken on a new hobby and started making my own body butter. Simple ingredients such as coconut oil, vitamin E, almond oil and raw shea butter blended with any custom essential oil is just perfect for keeping our skin silky smooth and soft as ever!

  3. Drink Plenty of Water!.

    Water is essential in healthy skin maintenance. Since we are more than 50% water in our bodies, our skin will become dehydrated quickly if we don’t feed it water. We can rapidly get more dehydrated when consuming alcohol, caffeine, sun and smoke. So, my favorite tip for all of you would be to add a drop or two of yummy citrus essential oil to your clean water in a glass bottle. Most citrus oils are safe for consuming- I always keep lime, lemon, grapefruit, orange and tangerine Young Living Essential Oils on hand. They make the best flavors, and can be used in many kinds of beverages.

  4. Emerge yourself in salt water!.

    Have you ever noticed how refreshed you feel after jumping in the ocean? That soft salty water cleanses our skin, heals open cuts and is a natural remedy for acne. Not only does salt water clean oils and chemicals from our hair, it also provides a light exfoliation. Hence the feeling of soft, beach skin. Finally, swimming in sea water helps you stay fit. This is perhaps the most conventional of the beach’s benefits. When you are swimming, you use muscles in your shoulders, arms, and legs that aren’t used in any other activity. That’s why swimming is often recommended as a great way to exercise. Even treading water at a fast pace will burn 590 calories an hour if you weigh less than 130 lbs. If you weigh more, then it burns even more calories. So go ahead… Run and jump in beautiful Mother Nature’s ocean!!

  5. I Love what I do and I hope You do too!! Beauty, Happiness & Overall Wellness is what I am passionate about and I know I am exactly where I need to be.