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Welcome to Sara Sweet Sugaring & Esthetics

Sara Jane Sweet, is an experienced and thoughtful skincare professional specializing in hair removal using an ancient, natural and sweet technique called Sugaring. Her service menu also includes; body sculpting Electro-Slim treatments , luxurious body therapies and revitalizing facials all customized just for You!
Licensed in California since 2012, Sara is certified in the Art of Body Sugaring & a qualified Electrotherapist. Sara’s goal is to provide a superior level of service while giving clients the tools and knowledge to take care of their skin, inside and out, between visits. Sara Sweet is your personal beauty coach.


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Sugaring for Hair Removal

Body sugaring is safer and less painful alternative to traditional waxing.   Completely natural, the sugar paste, is a mixture of sugar, lemon and water, is 100 percent natural and safe for all skin types. It’s a wonderful natural exfoliant, that adheres only to dead skin and hair, not to live skin cells.

Sugaring leads to significantly reduced hair growth after routine treatments. Sugar removes hair at its natural growth direction, weakening the follicle with every visit. Over time, this causes the follicle to collapse and no longer produce hair.

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Body Sculpting Electro-Slim Treatments, Fabulous Facials & More!

Exclusively now in San Diego, I am proud to introduce this non-physical workout, Electro Slim body sculpting. With placement of small electrodes on “hard to sculpt” areas, the wave pulses contract the muscles. Giving you the results of toned muscles, tightened skin, and a faster metabolism which ultimately leads to weight loss.

More popular than ever, facials are a wonderful way to treat yourself, friend or loved one. We use only the best natural lotions, oils and botanical serums to give skin a healthy radiant glow. Facials and Body Treatments are not just for women; men are discovering how effective they are for detoxifying skin and keeping a healthy overall complexion as well.

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